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Video Conferencing Services

ConferencePlus can help your organization bridge multiple locations utilizing traditional ISDN, IP (H.323) or a hybrid of both. You can enjoy face-to-face meetings without the need to travel while optimizing your time and money resources.

Video Conferencing Options

Video Conferencing Bridging Services
ConferencePlus offers three levels of video conferencing bridging services for anyone with standards based video conferencing equipment.

Video Conferencing Managed Services
Leverage your company network infrastructure with customized video managed services from ConferencePlus.

Video Conferencing Features

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Benefits of Video Conferencing
  • Use our industry trained Video Conference Technicians (VCTs) to assist you in conducting a successful video meeting.
  • Ensure the quality of your video conferencing site with a complimentary Site Certification.
  • Brand your video conference with a customized video reservations line.
  • Reserve your video conference real time with ASAP Ordering.
  • Use our Room Management service for your room reservations, room availability confirmations and non-video event scheduling.
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What are Video Conferencing Bridging Services?

ConferencePlus provides video conferencing bridging services for anyone with standards based video conferencing equipment. We provide video conference scheduling, bridge reservations, and dial-in or dial-out video conference connections. Our three levels of video conferencing bridging services include: Conference Manager, Conference Assistant, and Conference Basic.

What Video Conferencing Bridging Service Levels Are Available?

Video Conference Manager: Conference Manager includes all the services of Conference Assistant plus a coordinator will provide full time monitoring of the conference, making them immediately available to manage any requests or special instructions from the meeting.

Video Conference Assistant Conference Assistant offers the same dial-in, dial-out, and conference launch of Basic service, plus the coordinator will perform a "meet and greet" with each location and starts the meeting with a roll call and customized announcement.

Video Conference Basic Your conference coordinator will either dial-out to or receive calls from each participating location. The coordinator will then verify the locations' connections to the MCU and launch the conference.

What is Managed Video Conferencing?

Leverage your network infrastructure and ConferencePlus' service delivery expertise to provide a world class video conferencing experience to your users. You can leave the management details to ConferencePlus, and allow your users focus on their meetings.

Choose from a list of a la carte offerings to customize your end-to-end video conferencing solution. Your service will also include full 7x24x365 global support to lessen the burden on your internal resources.

ConferencePlus Managed Video Services utilizes only the most up to date highest quality video conference technology. Services and network connectivity can be provided using on-premise or ConferencePlus hosted MCUs and can be customer owned or MCUs owned by ConferencePlus.

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